BT13-148	- Dark Shenron, Wicked Wishmaster

BT13-148 - Dark Shenron, Wicked Wishmaster

Dragon Ball Super TCG

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[Permanent] This card can't attack.
[Auto] [Once per turn] If your Leader Card is black : When a Battle Card is you opponent's Drop Area is sent to their Warp by one of your skills, draw 1 card, then choose up to 1 of your opponent's Battle Cards and send it to its owner's Warp.
[Activate:Main] If your Leader Cards is a "Mechikabura" card and you choose 1 of your black Unison cards with the [Rejuvenate] skill : Place this card under the chosen card from your hand, then add a marker to that card. You can't activate the [Activate:Main] skill on copies of this card for the turn.

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