BT13-133	- SS Gotenks, Surging Strike

BT13-133 - SS Gotenks, Surging Strike

Dragon Ball Super TCG

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[Unique] [Dual Attack]
[Over Realm 6} (--)
[Xeno-Evolve (-) : Black "Gotenks : Xeno" with an energy cost of 3.
[[Auto] When this card is removed from your Battle Area by an opponent's skill, play up to 1 black "Son Goten : Xeno" card and up to 1 black "Trunks : Xeno" card with an energy costs of 3 or less and the [Over Realm] skill from your Drop Area or Warp.
[Activate:Battle] (-) : This card gets +10000 power and [Double Strike] for the battle.

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