BT12-121 - Cutting-Edge Recovery Device

BT12-121 - Cutting-Edge Recovery Device

Dragon Ball Super TCG

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[Barrier] [Field]

[Auto] [Once per turn] When a card in your life is flipped face up, choose up to 1 of your opponent's cards and switch it to Rest Mode.
[Activate:Main] [Once per turn] If all of your energy is mono-yellow and choose 1 card in your life and 1 yellow "Frieza's Army" card in your Battle Area and place them in their owner's Drop Areas : Draw 2 cards, then choose up to 1 mono-yellow "Frieza's Army" card or mono-yellow Unison Card in your hand and place it in your life face up.
[Activate:Main/Battle] If you have 3 or more face-up cards in your life and you place this card in its owner's Drop Area : You may flip your Leader Card to its back side. If you do, place the top card of your deck in your life face up.

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