BT12-082 - The Tree of Might

BT12-082 - The Tree of Might

Dragon Ball Super TCG

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[Permanent] While in a Battle Area, this card can't be placed in Drop Areas by your skills; reduce the combo cost of all "Turles Crusher Corps" cards in your opponent's hand and Battle Area by 1.

[Auto] If all of your opponent's energy is mono-green : If this card is in your Battle Area at the start of your Main Phase, choose 1 card in your life and flip it face up. If you do, your opponent adds up to 1 {Fruit of the Tree of Might} from their deck to their hand, then shuffles their deck if they looked through it.
[Activate:Main] If your Leader Card is a "Turles Crusher Corps" card : Place this card in your opponent's Battle Area in Active Mode.

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