BT12-063 - Medamatcha, Invader of Earth

BT12-063 - Medamatcha, Invader of Earth

Dragon Ball Super TCG

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[Activate:Main] G, if your Leader Card is a "Slug's Army" card, all of your energy is mono-green, and you send this card from your Drop Area to your Warp : Add up to 1 card from your life to your hand, play 1 Meda Token, then you and your opponent draw 2 cards; at the end of the turn, your opponent chooses up to 2 cards in their hand and places them at the bottom of their deck. You can't activate the [Activate:Main] skill on copies of this card for the turn. (Meda Tokens have 5000 power, 0 combo cost, and 5000 combo power)

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