BT12 - Vicious Rejuvenation - Launch

On Friday the 22nd, BT12 Vicious Rejuvenation was released for the Dragon Ball Super Trading Card Game. With this new launch I thought, why not take a look at some of the archetypes that come with it, and what better place to start than at the beginning. 


BT12-001 Launch, Nothing to Sneeze At - A long requested leader by many in the community. Its great to see how the design team implement aspects of the show into how the cards work. This card flips back and forth between the leader front and leader back as often as Launch sneezes. Don't let the low power of this leader fool you. Launch can pack a punch and draws a ton of cards. Lets look at some of the cards from this set that make this leader fun. First the Super Rare cards.
BT12-005 Son Goku, Eye for an Eye - A punishing card for 2 red energy when played from life. Any time your opponent activates a combo, they have to take 1 damage. Burn damage has been getting more and more support as the game has grown, and this card, if kept on the board can make your opponent think twice before activating any counter card. Now while this card can be left vulnerable, when combined with TB1-023 - Strategies of Universe 7 to give the card barrier, it can be quite hard to remove.
BT12-013 Launch, the Pure-Hearted - A key 1 drop for the deck that gives the ability to flip your life face up. This Super Rare is key to making plays from your life area for very little energy cost. With the added bonus, when its has been is in your drop area, and your leader is on its leader front, it can be used as a combo from the drop area.
BT12-003 Bulma, Secret Supporter - It wouldn't be the Unison Warrior series without Unison cards. Bulma, secret supporter, gives you the ability to map your life, and is key to making the leader work.
BT12-011 Bulma, Confident Friend - In case this deck didn't draw enough, this card just adds to your hand size. Play to draw, and then combo off to draw off your leader, with the added ability to flip your life face up for plays. You don't want less than 4 copies of this in your deck.
BT12-012 Launch, Brown County's Most Wanted - 1 red energy for a 15K critical attack, plus removal of a 15K power or less from your opponents battle area. What more needs to be said.
BT12-006 Son Goku, Ready for Anything, BT12-009 Tien Shinhan, Ready for Anything, and BT12-010 Master Roshi, Ready for Anything - All of these cards work by being played from life, each with the Unique skill and different Keyword skills including Critical, Double Strike, and Blocker. If you are running Launch then you want these cards in your life.
BT12-024 Master Roshi's Mafuba - Red now has a 1 cost Mafuba. DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS CARD (This card can also be used with other Yamcha, Bulma and Pilaf).
BT12-026 Achoo! - For 1 red energy use this Active:Battle skill, you get to KO an opponents card of 10K or less and combo with a Launch card from your drop area. Combine this with your leaders ability to draw to add to that hand size.
I hope you have enjoyed a quick look into Launch. Below is an example of a quick deck list thrown together with a focus on the design of this leader. Play around with some build ideas of your own. This is a fun leader to take to locals. Let us know what you think of this leader on our Facebook page.