About Us

A lot of thought went into the name of this business. In the end the answer was simple. When you play a trading card game, what is it all about? Collect, Trade, Play. From here C.T.P Gaming came to life.

Here at C.T.P Gaming we have 3 core values.

1 - Customer Service - We pride ourselves on our customers service, and want to provide a store that is known and trusted amongst many communities.

2 - Quality Product - When we play we want the best and we also want the best for our customers.

3 - Affordable Prices - Hobbies can be expensive at times and often we have to work to a budget. We want to make these hobbies as affordable to the community as possible so everyone can enjoy them.

It has always been a dream that one day I could run my own hobby store. While this store was established in 2020, the dream goes back for as long as I can remember. To all of those who have supported me, I can't say this enough, thank you.